Limewire Settles For A Measly $105 Million

Limewire has agreed to pay $105 million to record labels, after a protracted court battle in which the record companies famously estimated Limewire’s damages could reach $75 trillion. So in a way, Mark Gorton and the venerable file-sharing company are getting off easy here. Isn’t it a tacit admission of how ridiculous their arguments were that they’re accepting a fraction of a percent of their conservative estimate of damages?

There’s nothing rational about the debate on either side, of course, and Limewire knew what it was getting into. Hopefully as these high-profile cases regarding last-generation p2p tech are put behind us, we can start thinking more clearly about how liability, damages, and so on should be assigned and calculated…

…Yeah right! I almost had me for a minute there! Ah, hilarious.