Keen On… Ze Frank: Why the Future of Play is a "Hot Thing" (TCTV)

Ze Frank thinks that the future of play is a “hot thing.” That’s why he founded, his soon-to-be fully public startup. And that’s why he’s shifted his focus from stand-up entertainment to stand-up entrepreneurialism.

But why has he gone from being one of the web’s top entertainment stars to yet another star-struck startup guy? As he told me last week when he came into the TechCrunchTV studio, it’s because the future of play is a “hot thing” which is going to change both business and play. In Ze’s world, we are all going back to kindergarten, giving each other stars, learning how to be kids again.

But Ze wouldn’t be Ze without a few jokes. And the humor, of course, is self-referential, especially when (ha ha) it comes to imagining a business model for

This is the final part of my conversation with Ze. Check out the first part, when Ze explains why we all need to go back to kindergarten.

Ze on’s business model(s)

Ze on why the future of play is a “hot thing.”