The Finger-nose Stylus Is, As Far As We Can Tell, Not A Joke

We’ve all been there: you’re relaxing in the bath (or, as real men call it, the “ultra masculine germ-drowning station”), tappin’ away on your iPhone. Your left hand holds your $500+ handset inches above its certain electronic execution; your right hand is playing Angry Birds. In between shots, you unwittingly drop your right hand into the water — oh no! Now that hand is useless! You can’t use your wet hand on a touchscreen! You try to use your hair as a towel, forgetting that you already dunked your head and/or you’re bald. You’re stuck, and you were so friggin’ close to finally getting 3 stars on this level!

Growing tired of having to bring his iPhone sessions to an end just because of silly things like water, Dominic Wilcox invented the Finger-nose Stylus. It is, as you may have gathered from the name (or, you know, the photo up there) a stylus.. for your nose. As far as we can tell, it’s not for sale; it’s just the latest creation in a one-per-day speed creating project he’s undertaking. Sorry folks, but if you want to look like a crazy cyborg Pinocchio, you’re going to have to bust out the ol’ craft box.