POLYRO: Meet The Humanoid That Costs Under $2,000 To Make

The Robocalypse, it’s coming nearer and nearer. Case in point: POLYRO (short for “oPen sOurce friendLY RObot”), a mini humanoid that apparently costs less than $2,000 to produce, all parts included. Developed by American robot researcher Timothy Payne, the little guy is meant to be used to explore human-robot interaction and can be built following these instructions.

The humanoid, in its current form, is made of a total of eleven servos, two web cams (one for each eye), a 10.1-inch netbook, a Microsoft Kinect, and a number of other parts (scroll down on this page for a full list).

POLYRO stands 99cm tall, weighs 8.6kg and runs on Linux.

Via Plastic Pals