Anyone Wanna Buy A Mobile Twitter Site On The Cheap?

Long before Twitter launched a proper mobile website with enough bells and whistles to be actually worth using (December 2009) there was Slandr, a mobile website that allowed Twitter users, even those with feature phones, to access the service on the go. ReadWriteWeb gushed about the site back in May 2008, calling it the best (non iPhone) mobile Twitter app available. And I did use it at one point.

Fast forward to today and it looks like Slandr developer Roeland P Landegent wants to give someone else a go at running the site. The Slandr mobile site is currently up for sale on Flippa, and if you want to ‘buy it now’ you’ll have to cough up $25,000.

My guess is that’s far too steep a price for the site, given how good Twitter’s own mobile site has become – not to mention the recent proliferation of mobile Twitter applications, which are even better, and more often than not free of charge. All in all, I’d be very surprised if anyone bid more than perhaps a couple of thousands of dollars for Slandr.

The only potential buyer I can think of is UberMedia, which has been snapping up mobile Twitter apps and service left and right lately. Might even give them some consolation for missing out on the TweetDeck purchase after all.

According to the auction page, the site generates between $100 and $250 per month (only) through mobile advertising, and attracts up to 40,000 unique users on a monthly basis.

Engagement is high, though: Landegent claims users stick around on the site for 7 minutes per visit, on average, and the site has racked up close to 1 million pageviews last month.

Landegent tells me he decided to put Slandr up for sale on Flippa to be able to focus on another venture, namely location-based audio recordings site Shoudio.