Mobile App Developer Outfit7 Hits 100 Million Downloads In Under 10 Months

Mobile application developer Outfit7, maker of the hugely popular Talking Friends series of apps, has announced that its iOS and Android apps have hit the 100 million downloads milestone, roughly 3 months after hitting the 60 million downloads milestone.

Notably, Outfit7 launched its first Talking Friend app less than ten months ago (July 2010).

The series of apps, which include breakout hits Talking Tom Cat and Talking Santa, currently averages about 15 million downloads per month.

The startup, which was started in Slovenia, says it will launch about 15 more Talking Friends applications for iOS and Android throughout the year, but also “extend the brand into new categories” (PC consoles, movie theatres?).

In case you’re not familiar with Talking Friends: each of Outfit7’s apps features an animated 3D character that can be poked, tickled, and played with in various ways via a smartphone touch screen. Using the device’s microphone, you can speak to the character, and they will repeat back everything they hear in “their” voice. The apps also let you record customized videos that can be shared via Facebook, YouTube or email.

Outfit7 CEO Andrej Nabergoj says up to 100,000 videos are shared on YouTube every month, with between 100,000 and 200,000 more on Facebook. Email is even more popular, with an average of 400,000 videos sent per month. Infographic with loads of non-related data points: