BrightScope Wants To Help You Find A Qualified Financial Advisor

San Diego based BrightScope, which launched to help people navigate their 401k retirement plans and maximize benefits, wants to help consumers find the best financial advisor and planner.

The startup is launching Advisor Pages, a way for people to discover, research, and select the most appropriate and qualified financial advisor. BrightScope has aggregated hard-to-discover but publicly available information on advisors, creating a database of over 450,000 financial advisors around the U.S.

BrightScope will allow consumers to search for financial advisors by location, qualifications, amount and types of assets under management, area of specialty, legal disputes, formal complaints and more. BrightScope obtains its data directly from publicly available sources, including required regulatory filings from the Securities Exchange Commission. Financial advisors can also add to these primary sources by claiming their BrightScope Advisor Page.

Find the right financial advisor can actually be a challenging and overwhelming process. Some advisors require a minimum amount to be managed, and consumers may want to find an advisor that is based within their region or city with the right amount of experience. BrightScope’s database makes it relatively easy to find the financial advisor that is right for your needs or specifications.