Sciddy Launches: Local Deals For Senior Citizens

Many businesses offer ‘senior discounts’, which are offered to customers who are above a certain age (typically 50, 55, or 60) under the assumption that many senior citizens are retired and/or living on a budget. There are sites that offer an extensive database of available discount codes, such as, but they usually look a bit old (pun intented). Enter Sciddy, a new website from Dirxion.

Decidedly not a group buying site like Groupon or LivingSocial, Sciddy lets senior citizens across the United States find discounts on travel, restaurants, shopping, automotive, education, pet services and whatnot in their neighborhoods.

According to Dirxion, businesses across the country are increasingly customizing their plans to recognize seniors for being the most viable buying group in America that they form, with savings of up to 15 percent on their retail purchases.

Sciddy makes it easier to find senior discounts and share them with others, but a quick search reveals there no discounts to be find in major cities like New York and San Francisco, at least not yet – the only discount I could find so far is in Chicago.

That said, visitors are actively encouraged to submit discounts they can find, and local businesses can also contribute their own discount(s) to the site.