The Scosche switchBACK Surge G4 Is An iPhone 4 Battery Case And Kickstand In One

When it comes to iPhone cases with special tricks up their sleeves (that is, the ones that do more than just protect your handset from the wilds), you usually get one or the other: an external battery, or some sort of clever kickstand system built to prop the iPhone up for movie watchin’.

With the just announced switchBACK Surge G4 case, Scosche is lookin’ to cover both bases at once. On one front, it’s an 1800mAh external battery that should add another 9-12 hours of use to your iPhone. On the other, it’s a swing-out kickstand to keep your iPhone held up without tying up your hands. As an added bonus, it’ll also ensure that your iPhone can double as a paperweight or a small brick if the need arises.

Look for it to hit the shelves today with an MSRP of $79.99, which seems to be something of a sweet spot for these higher-capacity cases.

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