SkyFire For Android's Flash Video Playback Goes Premium

Hey friends! You know what time it is? IT’S GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS TIME!

The Good News: SkyFire has just released an update for the Android port of their web browser, jam-packed with brand new social features (more of the social features that I previously said — and continue to say — are silly). If you’re one of the three million people who have already been using SkyFire for Android, you can continue to use all of its features for free. You can find it in the Android Market right here.

The Bad News: If you’re just hopping on the SkyFire train, the browser’s biggest feature (its ability to convert Flash video content into something playable on non-Flash-friendly devices) is going to cost you. The base browser itself will continue to be free — only the optional Flash feature is going premium. Fortunately, the burn on your wallet shouldn’t be too bad: it’s just a one time fee of $2.99.