Intuit's GoPayment iPad App Goes Live, Aims To Rival Square

Erick recently got a sneak peek at Intuit’s GoPayment app for the iPad, a mobile payment app that lets anyone who sells a product or service get paid on the spot by processing credit cards.

This morning, the company announced that the iPad app is now available.

The GoPayment apps brings a new layout that takes advantage of iPad’s large, high-resolution display and multi-touch interface. It also includes new features such as the ability to add product photos.

GoPayment is compatible with the free Intuit Credit Card Reader.

As Erick wrote when he saw a preview of the app:

GoPayment has been around for two years, but only recently started to target the lower end of the market where Square is gaining traction—small businesses without merchant accounts at banks who don’t already take credit cards.

Another competitor, VeriFone, is making noise in an attempt to enter this market as well, but Square should be more concerned about Intuit. The company already has relationships with 4.5 million businesses through QuickBooks and has a few advantages in payments processing.

Square has its own iPad app, which has been available for over a year.