RockMelt Mobile, The Demo Video

RockMelt, the social browser, came out with an iPhone app today. If you are familiar with RockMelt, which opened up publicly last month after much of its initial fanfare died down, it adds feeds and streams along the righthand rail. RockMelt Mobile is essentially this right-hand rail repackaged as a mobile app. Co-founder and CTO Tim Howes showed it to me recently (watch the video).

RockMelt Mobile expands that rail into all of your favorite feeds, both news and social. In one place you can read your Twitter and Facebook streams, as well as RSS feeds from your favorite sites. Web pages can be saved for later, or shared via Facebook. The app also gives you access to your bookmarks. And like Mobile Firefox, it syncs with the desktop browser. A web search bar is also thrown in.

If you are one of the couple hundred thousand or so hardcore RockMelt users, you are going to love this companion mobile app. It combines a mobile Twitter client, Facebook news feed reader, RSS reader, and Instapaper-like page saver all in one. If you are not a RockMelt user, you can still try it, but it probably won’t replace all those other mobile apps for you.