Verizon LTE launching in "a mess of new cities and towns" on Thursday

Generally, the term “mess” isn’t one you want to hear. For example: “OH GOD, JUNIOR, THE CARPET IS A MESS. WHERE DID YOU EVEN GET A GALLON OF TOMATO SOUP?”, or “You were pretty drunk last night, man. Pretty sure you messed in your pants.”

When Verizon tweets out that they’ll be launching their LTE/4G network in “a mess of new cities and towns” come Thursday, however, we start smilin’. Alas, they’re staying pretty mum on just want said “mess” entails. They mentioned two of Thursday’s launch markets ( Wilmington, North Carolina and Columbia, South Carolina) in an e-mail to us earlier today, but we’re hoping there’s more to it than that.

Are you in a 4G/LTE zone yet? Weigh in down below.