NowLive Throws Its Hat In The High Quality Live Streaming Video Ring

Companies like UStream, Livestream and even Google’s YouTube are making a business out of live-streaming professional events on the web. Another player has entered the space, but is taking a more calculated approach to the live-streaming space. NowLive specializes in high quality live-streaming of red carpet premieres, concerts, celebrity chats, and more.

NowLive, which was founded by studio and tech vets from Paramount, MGM, MySpace, and MoviePhone, is setting its sights on becoming the go-to live streaming platform for major events in the entertainment and music industry. The startup’s platform goes beyond just streaming video to the web and offers social streaming chat tools within its interface, ad units, and real-time interactive quizzes and polls. The company even offers a pop-up video-like information technology for livestreaming events on the web.

While the livestreaming space is competitive, the startup has been able to sign on a collection of impressive partners. Clients include Sony Pictures, Summit Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, Dick Clark Productions, Showtime, Starz, Discovery Channel, and Weinstein Company.

This past week, NowLive powered the official live-stream of the Scream 4 premiere. And on Friday, the company is supporting Universal to stream the premiere of Fast 5 from Brazil. The Fast 5 livestream will also show in ten theaters across the U.S.