Internet Victory: Microsoft Works With Fan-Made Ad Maker To Create Their Next Commercial

Remember that insanely high-energy, fan-made Windows Phone 7 ad from a few weeks back? The Windows Phone 7 community (or, really, anyone with ears and eyes) went pretty nuts for it. Just about anywhere you looked, people were shouting: “MICROSOFT! PLAY THIS COMMERCIAL ON TV!”

For one reason or another, they couldn’t do that — so they hired him to make a new one.

Microsoft commissioned the original ad’s maker, Brandon Foy, to make a second ad for the opening of the MIX 2011 Keynote. But that’s not all! During the keynote, they dropped a bit of a surprise on him: if the community responds to this second commercial nearly as well as they responded to the first one, they’re promising to get it on primetime TV.

Good job, Internet.