Ask a VC: Izhar Armony Answers Your Questions

Ask a VC has been sporadic with my travel schedule, but we’re back this week. My guest is Izhar Armony of Charles River Ventures. He brings a different perspective to the show for a few reasons.

For one thing, he’s from the East Coast. And as a former member of the Israeli army– aka the country’s entrepreneurial finishing school– and a former exec for Tel Aviv-based Onyx Interactive, he’s well versed in what has worked so well in one of the world’s most surprising entrepreneurial hot spots.

Armony is also on the board of Intellectual Ventures, an invention factory set up by Nathan Myhrvold. Intellectual Ventures has been lauded by some, but is incredibly controversial in Silicon Valley where insiders lob one of the biggest possible insults at Myhrvold: A patent troll.

Lastly, a good deal of Armony’s experience is in enterprise software. So questions about the new developments in enterprise are fair game too.

We tape mid-morning tomorrow, so send your questions now to askavc(at)TechCrunch(dot)com.