Coulomb Tweaks Electric Vehicle Chargers For Europe, Ready For Nissan LEAF

Coulomb Technologies — a Campbell, Calif. company that makes electric vehicle charging stations, related apps and network technology — today revealed new features and certifications that should help the company grow its business in European markets, and prepare for the Nissan LEAF to hit the streets.

One new feature of the company’s ChargePoint network allows Coulomb’s charging stations to accept payments via MIFARE transportation cards, a fare collection system used widely by electric vehicle drivers, station owners, municipalities and utilities in Europe.

Additionally, Coulomb’s ChargePoint CT2500 (the model 3, type 2) charging station also obtained European safety certifications that verify its compatibility with the Nissan LEAF. The hotly anticipated electric vehicle is due soon on roads in Portugal, Ireland, the UK and The Netherlands, according to a Coulomb press statement.

Coulomb’s products compete with Nissan LEAF compatible charging stations in production or promised by GE (NYSE: GE), Park Pod, EV-Charge America and Aerovironment.

Although the Obama Administration did set a goal to put one million plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles on the road by 2015, export opportunities in Europe may prove a big growth driver for clean tech companies like Coulomb.

European regulators have, compared to their counterparts in the United States, more aggressively created standards, financial incentives and strategies around the uptake of clean and energy-efficient vehicles, for example, the European Green Cars Initiative.