1 million using French carpooling platform Covoiturage.fr

Remember that pesky volcanic cloud from last year? Yes, the one that caused all kinds of transportation trouble all over Europe and was coming from the Icelandic volcano with the impronouncable name, Eyjafjallajokull. Well, while many of us were frantically wondering how to get to where we needed to be, Covoiturage.fr came to the rescue with its online carpooling platform. And thanks to Iceland’s volcanic ash, Covoiturage.fr more than doubled its trafic.

Now, roughy one year later, Covoiturage.fr is officially announcing some 1 million carpoolers registered on the site. It’s leading in terms of stats alongside other French carpooling sites, like 13envoiture – which currently counts 400K users. With over 440K offers published daily, more and more internet users are turing to Covoiturage.fr as an eco-friendly way of getting to where they need to be. Users all have to fill-out profiles, naturally helping with traveler security, and prices are all calculated via the platform – not arbitrarily proposed by various drivers.

The site funded by ISAI last year has doubled its userbase since closing the €1.25 million round with roughly 600K users. Moreover, the platform is available in English and Spanish and covers travel to/from Spain as well as France.