Apptitude Uses Facebook To Figure Out Which iPhone Apps Your Friends Are Using

Noisetoys, creators of music discovery and promotion app Hitmaker, have come out with another hit this week. In the same app-discovery space as Explor and Chomp, Apptidude is an iPhone app that shows you the iPhone apps that your friends have most likely downloaded, all based on their posts and Likes on Facebook.

Quietly launching in the App Store this week, the app recommendation app is currently number 29 on the Top Free Apps list, most likely because it incorporates social elements and Facebook Connect as a way of gaging what’s actually hot in the anti-social Apple App Store, where homegrown Top 25 lists leave much to be desired.

When you initially open Apptitude and log onto Facebook you see a scrollbar of your Facebook friends stack-ranked by the number of apps they’re using. When you click on your friends’ profiles you can swipe through a series of chosen apps and you can also to drill down into specific stats about how many Facebook friends use the app, how many people have Facebook Liked the app as well as into the ability to download directly to your phone.

Apptitude creator Shalin Mantri hopes to use all this social app data to eventually create a better way of finding relevant iPhone apps, and tells me that an eventual Facebook-powered recommendations list based on what apps are trending in your social graph will be including in v1.1, which Apptitude will be submitting to the App Store next week. Wish I could be a fly on the wall in the iOS review room on that one.

You can download the app here.