Sprint Opens Up Kyocera Echo Reservations For The Extra-Crazy Early Adopters

Even if you never heed any other word of gadget advice I give, heed this: Sprint has just opened up the reservation queue for their crazy new multi-screen Android phone, the Kyocera Echo. Don’t do it.. Don’t stand in line for it, either. Wait a few weeks.

Now, the Echo may be a wonderful phone. It may very well surprise us and be the best Android phone ever. It also might a hot, wonky mess — and given that it’s a brand new form factor (one that requires developers to tweak their apps for full functionality with the dual screen setup) and that it comes from a company that has never really been known for their software, the odds are stacked against it.

Give the gadget reviewers and the extra-crazy early adopters a few weeks to get our feet wet with it before you dive in. Don’t let the siren call of a shiny new form fact go and get you locked into a 2-year contract.