Waiting For The Windows Phone 7 Copy/Paste Update? It may be a while.

Between February’s preparatory update, the almost immediate cancellation and then resumption of said update, and then the promise of the bigger/badder, Copy & Paste-enabling “NoDo” update in early March, a lot of people are left wondering: Where the heck are their updates?

The answer, it seems, isn’t a simple one. Different carriers are pushin’ out the update at different times, and not all of their handsets will receive it at once. Lookin’ to make things a bit less mysterious, Microsoft has just put up this “Where’s my phone update?” page. Be warned: the forecast may be a bit disheartening. Outside of the Venue Pro and the HD7 (and the Arrive, but that ships with NoDo so it doesn’t really count), most of the handsets have been pushed back into “Testing” phase, which could take anywhere from 10 days to a few weeks.

Isn’t this exactly the confusion/annoyance that Microsoft was subtly jabbing Android for back before Windows Phone 7 launched?