Actually A Good Idea: Toothbrush With Built-In Toothpaste

Tired of keeping around a tiny toothbrush for travel, or leaving nice ones at the hotel by accident? Don’t like to have to keep little 3-oz toothpaste tubes in a drawer in the bathroom? This thing might be fore you. Now, I do like this concept, though there are a few issues that come to mind:

  • Toothpaste comes out at the bottom of the bristles instead of the top. You’ll need to push out a lot or it’ll stay down there.
  • When rinsing or brushing, won’t water and saliva get in the little toothpaste delivery tubes and A: wash away toothpaste B: be gross?
  • How do you refill this thing? I bet it’s messy.
  • Do we really need to complicate one of the few simple devices left in our lives? It’s a brush for your teeth. Does it have to have moving parts?

In conclusion, I’ll take my chances with regular toothbrushes.

[via FastCo Design and Gizmodo]