Supposed iPhone 5 Cases Suggest The Shape Won't Change Much From iPhone 4

Just about every time Apple gets close to launching the new iDevice they’ve been brewin’ up, some third-party manufacturer releases a shot or two of a case purportedly built to the new device’s top-secret specs. We pretty much always say the same thing: “Take it with a grain of salt”, “they might just be guessing, or it could very well be a typo.”, etc — but a surprisingly solid chunk of the time, the leaked cases end up being spot on.

Well: a third-party manufacturer slingin’ their wares on Alibaba has just posted a set of cases, specifically highlighting that these cases will fit both the iPhone 4 and the as-of-yet announced iPhone 5. While case manufacturers do tend get dimension specs long before the devices are official, take these with a grain of salt; these guys may just be guessing, or it could very well be a typo.

If these cases do end up being legit, the dual iPhone 4/iPhone 5 compatibility suggests that the two generations should be pretty much identical in shape. This holds true to the rumor mill’s latest whispers, which have all been suggesting that while the shape and size will go unchanged, the screen will be getting a minor size upgrade (very likely either 3.7″ and 3.75″.)

[Via GizChina]