Is This Russia's Next Battle Tank?

This is said to be Russia’s next-gen tank, the T-95 as the media dubbed it years ago. Don’t ask questions, because there’s isn’t much known about it right now. Well, at least, there’s not that much on the world wide web about the unannounced tank yet. Russia hasn’t even announced the offiical name.

DefenseTech dug up a Russian datasheet and discovered that the key features of the compartimized design. The tank operators are up front in the heavily armed section and separated from the turret by a blast wall. The autoloader is located higher in the body to prevent anti-tank mine damage while the fuel cell is appart from everything else. The goal here is to increase human and hardware survivability.

The tank is supposedly going to be the heart of the Russian mechanized force. Sometime. Generally these machines hit production when they’re ready and not a day before.