Get You Some New Tiny Camera Bags From Acme Made

It’s easy to confuse a camera bag with a man-purse. Not that murses are a bad thing — but not all of us can pull them off, so we must be wary in our camera bag choices. I’m sorry to say I wouldn’t be able to rock these Acme Made bags, though they do look very nice. I can’t really do the euro look.

The Union Kit Messenger (top) is like a tiny messenger bag made just for your DSLR, with a sexy, soft red interior. Its “Bombshell Technical Fabric” is “water, stain, and abrasion resistant.” Sounds complicated! Costs $30, very reasonable.

And here (above) we have the Union Ultra-Zoom. It’s meant for a slightly smaller camera: an ultra-zoom, obviously, or maybe a micro four-thirds device. It looks like this too includes the Bombshell fabric, though perhaps not as much? It’s got more room for accessories, it looks like to me, but it’s hard to tell. It costs $45, which indicates largeness.

The Messenger will be available on April 1st, and the Ultra-Zoom is available now, over at Acme Made’s site.