Geek Run Shows New And Interesting Way To Use The Kinect

While the Kinect’s biggest selling point is, of course, the “you are the controller” thing, it’s obvious that a depth-sensing color video camera like this has plenty of applications we haven’t thought of. The variety of hacks for it are testament enough, but this interesting-looking game/hack Geek Run brings in a new one to me.

Ironically, it shares a lot of DNA with the Kinect’s major competitor, the Sony Move. You have these blocks of different colors, which place on the floor (or a table or whatnot), and which correspond to different gameplay elements: a guy has to get from here to there, and needs stairs, bridges, and so on placed in his way. It’s like Lemmings crossed with… Gyromite, maybe? I don’t know. But it looks fun and frantic and hey, it involves big colored blocks.

Right now it’s just a prototype, but it’s entirely possible we’ll see this as an XBLA release sooner or later. Here’s hoping they get a little funding and make it into a proper game.

[via Make]