AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint [Update: And T-Mo And MetroPCS] Waive Fees For Calling/Texting Japan

Just a quick PSA for those who might be trying to reach friends and family in Japan following the earthquake: a few of the major carriers are temporarily waiving all fees associated with calling or texting Japan. Here’s what’s been confirmed so far:

  • Verizon is waiving all calling/texting fees (to Japan) on wireless accounts, and calling fees on landlines.
  • AT&T is waiving all calling/texting fees to Japan
  • Sprint is waiving all calling/texting fees to Japan
  • T-Mobile is currently only waiving fees associated with texting shortcodes, such as those used to donate monies to the red cross Update: T-Mobile has just announced that they are making calls and texts to Japan free through March 31st for post paid customers. This will be applied retroactively back to March 11th.
  • Update: MetroPCS is also getting in on the good deed, making calls and texts free for the next 30 days

Certainly a cool move by the carriers (your move could be cooler, T-Mobile. Update: T-Mobile, you’re now cool in our books.) It’s not a lot — but for those with family and friends still unaccounted for, it’s one less thing to worry about.

[Via Phonescoop]