Nostalgia Goes Portable: Android Gets A Nintendo 64 Emulator

Though they technically exist in sort of a legally-grey area, emulators are nothing new to Android. Just about everything from the NES to the original Playstation have almost fully-functional emulators floating around in the Android Market — and interestingly enough, they’re pretty much all made by the same dude: yongzh.

Well, Yongzh is back with another one. His target this time around? NINTENDO SIXTY FOUUUUUUUUUUUUUR.

You’ll need a fairly beefy Android handset to get things running at a decent clip, but once you’re in everything tends to work pretty well. You’ll need to bring your own game ROMs, of course (surely they’re ones that you’ve ripped by hand from your private collection of N64 cartridges for backup purposes, right? Right?) Touchscreen only handsets have the option to cover pretty much the entire screen in controls (blyeck!), but those with a few extra buttons can map things out to hardware however they please.

You can find it in the Android Market for the fairly reasonable pricetag of 6 bucks right over here.

[Via Android Police]