Direct-to-fan ticketing service GigsWiz wants to break America

GigsWiz, the direct-to-fan ticketing service, which officially rolled out in the UK last month is trying to break America. It saw its U.S. launch last week at the future of music conference, New Music Seminar.

Originally conceived as a sort of analytics for bands to help them identify “fan hotspots” and therefore where next to perform, GigsWiz has since pivoted to help artists promote and sell tickets to gigs via social media, listings sites and their own web presence.

A quick re-cap of the way the service works: Artists sign up to GigsWiz Backstage and connect to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. GigsWiz then automatically promotes all upcoming gigs with monetizable ticketing links – and shares revenue with the artist along the way. Event organizers can also create events on the GigsWiz Tickets service so that they can reach a band’s fan base. While in addition to those updates being pushed automatically to social media channels, GigsWiz provides embeddable widgets and Facebook apps for artists, promoters and venues, which list upcoming gigs and link directly to a page to purchase tickets.

GigsWiz was founded in early 2010 by Juuso Vermasheinä, Kai Lemmetty, and Joonas Pekkanen. The company is currently angel funded and based in Finland.