Longphone Is Long: The Acer Iconia Smart

I’d like to have seen the meeting where this device was approved for development: “Well, the other guys are putting big screens on their phones, in 16:9. Let’s one-up them by making our phone 21:9, since that 21:9 TV sold so well!”

This beast, the Iconia Smart, is just too much. It’s really huge, and it’s not very thin or light. And of course, you can’t get the same “cinematic” effect that 21:9 is supposed to create without putting it really close to your eyes. It also has Dolby Surround Sound, but that can’t possibly mean on the on-phone speakers, so it probably has more to do with the quality of your headphones than anything. The screen is 4.8 inches and 1024×480. Really now.

The good news is it’s running Android 2.3 (with a slightly awkward, in my opinion, Acer skin over it) and it has powerful guts, plus a big 8-megapixel camera on the back and gyros inside for gaming. Still, though, I just can’t imagine using this thing. Just get a tablet!