We're Live In Barcelona For Mobile World Congress 2011!

We’ve made it. 16 hours, 7,000 miles, and 1 exploded MacBook Pro power adapter later, we’ve made it. We’ve trekked halfway around the world to Barcelona to bring you the latest and greatest from the biggest mobile show in Europe: Mobile World Congress.

While the conference officially starts on February 14th, a few folks always like to get the party started a bit early. Samsung, Sony Ericcson, and Nokia all have press conferences scheduled at 6 PM CET (That’s 9 AM Pacific for all the folks back home) on the 13th — and unless any more of our gear decides to spontaneously combust, we’ll have live blogs of both Samsung and Sony Ericcson’s announcements going down as they happen.

We’re expecting a pretty good show this year. Stay tuned in for all the news!