Surprise! LG Announces The Optimus 3D

Guys! Guys! Hey Guuuuuuys (and ladies)! Guess what?

LG… is working on a phone.. called the Optimus 3D. SHAZAM!

I mean, I know this thing sort of leaked a few weeks ago… and then again… and then LG released a teaser video of it… and then another commercial leaked… and then LG straight up said they’d announce this phone at Mobile World Congress, thereby making it pretty much official.

But uh.. now it’s official-er.

Here’s what you need to know so far:

  • 4.3 inch glasses-free 3D display (the first smartphone with such technology, by the way.)
  • 1 GHZ Dual-Core CPU (Texas Instruments OMAP 4 Chipset) with Dual-Channel Memory
  • HDMI Out, with DLNA content sharing

That’s all LG’s shared so far on the spec front, but a full spec sheet should trickle down before too long. We’ll update this post once it does. In the mean time, go try to think of a billion dollar idea that makes use of glasses-free 3D screen tech — it’s sure to be a trend over the next year or so. Oh, and “OMG 3D PORN!!” doesn’t count.