Twitter 2.0 For Android Gets Caught On Video [Update: Now Available To All]

If you’re a big fan of the current, kinda-cutesy interface found in the official Twitter App For Android, brace for impact: it’s going away.

The guys over at EverythingAndroid managed to get their hands on what looks to be the second iteration of Twitter’s official Android client, and it’s a pretty dramatic change. It looks like they went for efficiency over cuteness this time around — and while we’re by all means fans of all things cute over here at MobileCrunch (which I’ve honestly been fighting to rename MobileAndCuteFuzzyBunniesEatingVegetablesCrunch for years), a quick and efficient UI tends to be the better choice in the long run.

Update: Twitter 2.0 for Android just went live, and it is indeed what is shown here. The big bullet points are the new design, a new search system, searching for people to follow based on your handset’s address book, and the ability to view tweets/trends without actually signing in.

You can find it on the Android Market right here.