Contest: Would It Kill You To Dress Up? Jackthreads Can Help

Jackthreads, a Thrillist company, is offering a sweet $200 so you can maybe get a nice pair of pants or a shirt to wear on Valentine’s Day so you (and I mean this in the nicest way) won’t look like huge slob.

I mean really, whens the last time you bought a nice pair of pants? Maybe a shirt? Shorts and sandals might be fine for your Magic: The Gathering parties but not for going on.

Ok. Ok. Don’t get testy. Click through to see how to win.

Do me a favor: go to to Jackthreads pick something out, report back here and comment on what you’d replace out of your current ratty wardrobe with an item from the Jackthreads catalog. An old Rush concert t-shirt? A white dress shirt you wore to your brother’s wedding and subsequent divorce five years ago? A pair of jeans covered in what looks like dried spaghetti squash? Let us know. I’ll pick one winner at random on Monday.

UPDATE – Congrats to Patrick for winning our contest.