Rumour: HTC Thunderbolt to hit Best Buy Feb 14th

What you’re looking at above is a screenshot from a Best Buy inventory. Pretty amazing, eh? But why am I showing it to you? There seems to be nothing juicy about it. Y’see, it’s not all that it appears to be, my friend…

Pulling off some serous sleuthing, Android Central forum member, paulmike3, noticed that the number seen up the top left of the image (highlighted as number 3) is actually the very same barcode number that appeared on a (since pulled) YouTube video showing an HTC Thunderbolt unboxing.

So, like a double rainbow, I hear you asking “What does this mean!?”

It means that we may now have a release date for the device that was once known as the Zeus, then the Incredible HD, then the Mecha, and, finally, the Thunderbolt.

We’ve previously heard that it would be launching some time after February 19, which could tie in with this rumour, as the date above is just an “in stock” date. We won’t know until February, though.

If it does launch on the 14th, then I ask what better way is there to celebrate your love this Valentine’s Day than going down to your local Best Buy and scooping up one of these Verizon-4G-equipped, 4.3″, Snapdragon-powered, Sense-enhanced Android monsters?

Yeah, that’s right: none.

[via Engadget]