RD-R2: JVC's Portable Audio Recorder Targets Street Musicians

JVC Japan announced [JP] the RD-R2 today, a portable audio recorder designed for “street dancers” and musicians. The device lets you store music on microSD/SDHC cards (4GB to 32GB), records music through a built-in stereo mic and plays MP3/WMA/linear PCM (WAV) and AAC files through its 2.5Wx2 speakers.

To make life for the target group easier, JVC also throws in a number of special functions, for example a “countdown” feature or an automatic “hand clapping” feature to help get you into the rhythm. The RD-R2 also comes with a USB port, an FM tuner, a guitar input, and a KORG/metronome tuner.

JVC plans to roll out the device in Japan next month (price: $460). A trimmed-down version, the RD-R1 (which lacks the guitar input and the KORG tuner), will cost $290.