Microsoft Sues TiVo For Further Infringement

The face of a patent troll

After winning a hefty $100 million from Echostar/DISH, TiVo decided to sue AT&T/UVerse for patent infringement. Not to be outdone, Microsoft countersued on behalf of AT&T, citing their own patent that describes:

a system that displays programmable information and a secure method for buying and delivering video programs.

Now, Microsoft is at it again, probably in an attempt to silence a burgeoning patent troll than anything else. This complaint calls for TiVo to:

exclude TiVo’s infringing set-top boxes and associated software and hardware from entry into the United States and a cease and desist order

In all honesty, I doubt TiVo has much longer to live in an world where everything is a DVR. Oh well. It was a nice run.

Microsoft vs TiVo U.S. trade complaint

via ZatzNotFunny