With The White iPhone 4 Still A No-Show, A White Nexus S Appears

If you’re still waiting for the thus-far-mythical white iPhone 4 to actually ship, you’re probably feelin’ pretty burned by now. Perhaps you’re even feelin’ burned enough to jump ship over to Android? Perhaps you’ll fill that gap in your heart and that space in your pocket with a Nexus S, instead? If this latest leak is any indication, you won’t even have to forego your love for white phones; the Nexus S, it seems, might just be gettin’ a white variant of its own.

The shot above comes from German tech blog BestBoyz.de. According to their tipster, this thing is a sure thing to ship in Germany — as for the rest of the world, we’ll have to cross our fingers and wish real hard. Alas, it looks like only the back of the phone rock’s the white hue; the front and bezel are the same black as the standard model.

Fun fact: Ever wonder why there aren’t more phones with white fronts? We’ve asked a bunch of designers at a bunch of big ol’ handset companies the same thing, and they all said the same: it makes the handset look bigger, and the screen look smaller.