T-Mobile Officially Announces The Samsung Galaxy S 4G

Hey, get this: T-Mobile has just officially unveiled the upcoming 4G version of their Samsung Galaxy S variant, the T-Mobile Vibrant. The weird thing? They’re… not calling it the Vibrant 4G. At least as of when the press releases went out, they’re calling this one the Galaxy S 4G.

Oh well! Names aside, here’s what we know:

  • Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  • Super AMOLED Display (They’re being hush about the specs, but this’ll presumably be a 4″ display running at 800×480)
  • HSPA+ support, capable of pulling down a theoretical speed of around 21 megabits per second.
  • Available in “the coming weeks”

As for what we don’t know… that’d be everything else. Samsung and T-Mo are being oddly quiet about most of the details surrounding the phone. Is it because things still aren’t set in stone, or because the jump from the Vibrant to the Galaxy S 4G is a relatively small one? ‘Tis a mystery!