Gillmor Gang 01.08.11 (TCTV)

The Gillmor Gang reconvened after the holidays. Robert Scoble took the occasion as an opportunity to catch up on some much-needed rest from his Vegas hotel room, albeit on camera. CES continued to be the ghost of conferences past, as the @Scobleizer famed let’s-walk-the-show-floor-with-a-camera-tour took a record 60 minutes or whatever. For those who remember Johnny Carson, this has become Robert’s version of the Ed Ames tomahawk throw.

John Borthwick weighed in on the inevitable Year of the Tablet discussion from New York, where my view of Apple dominance is met with healthy skepticism but no real counter argument. Borthwick’s service continues to prosper even as Twitter consolidates services and clients in-house. As a self-described former member of the entertainment cartel (AOL), he declined repeatedly to join my cartel-bashing while essentially agreeing with me.

Androiders @JTaschek and @KevinMarks ably represented the Android-will-beat-Apple-if-we-have-to-ship-individual-tablet-models-for-each-customer crowd. Marks even had one of the paperweights that he brandished on camera. I fended off a plea from @Borthwick to fix the RSS feed for the 7 remaining people who would rather podcast than stream. Other stuff was talked about. I had fun.