Sony Ericsson's Followup To The X10 Mini Caught On Camera?

See that thing up top? It may be itty-bitty, but it seems to pack a pretty gnarly bite. According to a leaker on the Chinese forum IT168, we’re lookin’ at Sony Ericsson’s followup to the X10 Mini.

Everything we know about it, in handy-daddy bullet points:

  • 1Ghz CPU with an Adreno GPU
  • Scores 1,533 on the Quadrant score benchmark (bringing it almost neck-and-neck with the Nexus S’ score of 1,630)
  • 3 inch display (Unfortunately at a rather paltry 320×480 resolution)
  • It’ll likely be announced at Mobile World Congress in February.

Between this, the Anzu, and the Playstation Phone, it certainly looks like Sony Ericsson’s going full-force with Android in 2011 — and that’s great to see. But please, oh please, Sony Ericsson: stop crapping these things up with painfully slow interface modifications.

[Via via Engadget]