Verizon confirms Motorola 4G phone coming in the future

Verizon has a shiny new 4G network, but only have a USB modem that you can use with it.

We’ve previously heard rumours of two HTC phones making their way over to the big red 4G waves in 2011, but Verizon have now said — in a WSJ interview with Verizon chief operating officer, John Stratton — that Motorola will soon bring a handset to their new network.

To quote the big man himself:

We’ve got LTE smartphones around the horizon… Motorola will be right there.

This is the first official confirmation we have from Verizon on what type of phone will be heading to its new high-speed network.

Sadly, though, this is all the info we have right now; there are no dates, models, specs, or prices yet named.

As usual, however, you can bet your favourite jar of baconnaise that we’ll keep you posted the moment anything breaks.

[via Slashgear]