Weather Driving You Nuts? Is A Quick Way To Keep Updated

So it’s been raining for almost two years here on the West Coast and it, for lack of a better term, sucks. But you know what’s making Noah’s Ark part deux just a teensy, eensy bit better?, a newly launched minimalist site that uses geo-location to serve up information about the weather around you.

Built by Artur Kisiolek, the site automatically gives you information for your location coordinates, allows you to search by location name as well plugging your zip code into the URL and also includes a list of top international cities you can immediately drag into your browser bookmarks or iPhone homescreen.

I’ve spent all day refreshing it every five minutes hoping that the incredibly annoying “Weather condition: Showers” in SF will change to something more outdoor exercise friendly like “Weather condition: Scattered clouds” so I can finally go jogging.

Apparently I’m going to have to wait until Thursday. Or move.