Google: Over 4 Million Users Have Downloaded At Least One Marketplace App

Google just put up a post with a few interesting details and statistics about how its recently launched Apps Marketplace is performing amongst Google Apps users. Google says that 4 million Google Apps users have at least one Marketplace app installed on their domains. While Google published a similar number four months ago, the search giant tells us that they haven’t posted an updated number and is seeing “growth” in terms of users and downloads.

Launched in March, the idea behind the marketplace was fairly simple—using a set of APIs, third-party apps could deeply integrate their products within Google Apps and offer these free or paid apps to the productivity suite’s users. Google offers over 250 enterprise apps to users including Zoho, Socialwok, Aviary, Bantam Live and more.

Google says the Top Installed Categories on the App Marketplace include Project Management, CRM, and Accounting and Finance. The top ten apps downloaded in order are Manymoon, Insightly, Zoho CRM, Aviary Design Suite, Mavenlink, Outright, MailChimp, RapidTask, Insync and

As we wrote a few months ago, there are mixed reviews on how apps are actually performing on the marketplace. As a whole developers seem happy to be associated with Google, but some developers who were pilot partners told us that downloads dropped after the initial launch of the marketplace. Others complained about the massive amount of noise on the marketplace in terms of a large amount of applications to choose from.

It’s still unclear how much money developers can actually make from the marketplace. All the apps on the list offer a free plan; some charge if you exceed a certain number of users. I’d be interested in seeing what percentage of users are downloading paid apps vs. free apps on the marketplace. And of course, one telling data point would be how actively the apps are being used in the marketplace once they are downloaded.