Conversation Sharing Platform Bnter Opens Up API

Conversation sharing platform Bnter, which initially launched in November, is opening up its API today. Since the web and mobile app’s launch, Bnter has seen thousands of users share their conversations.

Initially launched as a way to post and share your text message conversations with friends, Bnter has broadened its scope from SMS to include any sort of conversation, including GChat, in-person chat, email and more. The app itself allows you to copy and past messages, and then creates a dialogue.

You can share the conversations with your friends and users can follow other friends to see their text updates (you can find friends via Facebook Connect and Twitter). And you can comment on other message exchanges and tag conversations by subject matter and user.

Bnter’s API will be free for developers and co-founder Lauren Leto says that the startup is in talks to integrate the platform into a number of services but can’t reveal who the services are yet. Bnter has raised seed funding from a number of high-profile investors including Founder Collective (Chris Dixon), SV Angel (David Lee), High Line Venture Partners (Shana Fisher).