Windows Phone 7 Connector For Mac Gets An Update (Still No Zune)

I’m just talking a wild guess here, but I’d be willing to wager that the percentage of MobileCrunch readers rocking a Windows Phone 7 handset and a Mac is… pretty small. So we’ll keep this one short.

Microsoft has just pushed out Beta version 0.6 of Windows Phone 7 Connector For Mac, their music/photo/video syncing app for OS X. You still can’t peruse the Zune store or make use of your Zune pass (Microsoft straight up says “In order to enjoy the Zune experience on Mac, you will need to install a Windows OS”.), but they’ve added the ability to pull music purchased on the handset over to the Mac, brushed up how browsing media stored on the device works, and polished the process of adding a new device.

What do you think, Mac/WP7-hybrid users? What do you want next in the Connector? Also, do you exist? Let us know in the comments.