Meizu M9 Clear For Takeoff

Here at MobileCrunch, we like to keep a watchful eye over what’s going on with the Meizu M9. Not because we’re actually interested in owning the phone, mind you (the onslaught of Android phones is already overwhelming without having to turn to the stuff coming out of China), but because these are the guys that got sued by Apple for building an iPhone clone, and now are trying to turn their act around and go legit with an Android handset. Plus, promises out of the company such as that the M9 will tote a screen on par with Apple’s Retina Display don’t hurt.

For a few months now, Meizu’s CEO Jack Wong has been saying that the M9 was pretty much ready to go — they just needed the Chinese government to approve their network permit. Permit granted!

According to company rep Zhuo Yue, the M9’s permit papers finally came through this morning. Meizu’s goal was to get this thing out by the end of 2010. With 13 days left, do you think they’ll make it? Will Meizu actually manage to prove all the vaporware-naysaying wrong?

[Source: MeizuBBS]