Don't Know What Gifts To Get Your Hipster Friends? Make Them Take The Etsy Taste Test

Gift giving can be so hard, especially if you have a bunch of hipster friends who turn their noses at anything even slightly pedestrian. (“A box of See’s Candy that you bought at the airport? Are you kidding me?”). Well, fear not. All you need to do is make them take this little Etsy Taste Test on the commerce site for hand-crafted goods. After selecting a series of product photos that match their taste, they wil be presented with a grid of recommended products, along with other people on Etsy who have similar tastes.

Or you can take the test yourself and pass around the link to people who might want to buy you a present but have no idea what to get (because your taste is so discerning). If you want to get me a present, here is my page. The results are sort of hit or miss. I like that modern table, but it’s going a little crazy with the wallet suggestions (6 of the first 12 items—I only picked one wallet!), and I really don’t need a pair of Candy red high heels. But at least the suggestions are all original.

This is just an experiment for Etsy, but it’s a fun way to find new products. And if you can’t find anything there, try the Hunch Gift-O-Matic.