Google, Why Are You Not Selling These Android Christmas Ornaments?

I’ve been on the Internet a really, really long time. In that time, I’ve learned that people love to throw money at three types of things: things that are cute, things that are cool, and things that are geeky. When you manage to pull off something that is all three, something that sits comfortably at that center of that venn diagram, you’re but a short hop and a bit of marketing away from a mountain of money.

With that in mind: Hey Google. See these Android Christmas Ornaments? If you make’m happen, we’ll take a pallet of them.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy these guys, be it from Google or anyone else. They’re the creation of one talented wife-of-a-Droid-Life-reader, who formed’em up out of modeling clay, gave’m a festively themed paint job, then tossed them in the oven to set. Oh, and her talents don’t stop at ornaments shaped like everyone’s favorite little robot; check out the cameo from Angry Bird‘s red bird up there in the middle.

Be right back, I’m going to go hot glue some hooks to those vinyl Android figurines and set up shop on the sidewalk. See you from my yacht, suckers!

[Via DroidLife]