Nokia X7 With AT&T Branding Peeped In The Wild

Last time Mobile-Review boss Eldar Murtazin piped up about a piece of pre-release Nokia hardware he’d obtained (the N8), the company called the cops on him. You think that might… you know, slow him down a bit, right?


Based on a post on his personal blog, it sounds like he’s managed to get his hands on the Nokia X7 that we first heard about a few weeks back. While he’s staying mostly mum on the matter for right now, he’s let out two little morsels so far: 1) He doesn’t like it, and 2) He’ll be writing up a preview of it.

Oh, and by the way: check out the branding on the device. Looks like this one is (or at least was, at some point) headed to AT&T.